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300px-Carlo_Dolci_-_The_Holy_Family_with_God_the_Father_and_the_Holy_Spirit_-_WGA06376Thrown out of the garden, life for Adam and Eve took a drastic turn, no more will the earth produce for them; they will have to work the earth, forcing from it what they need. On account of sin, thorns came upon the earth. Sickness and tiredness was now a new thing for Adam and his wife. The memories of the garden fuel the desire in them to return, but there were guards at the entrance, there was no way back. The way back was through the savior, a descendant of his flesh, it is for him Adam and the generations to come must wait.

Having the promise of God, Adam labored for the future, Seth was born, a sign of God’s blessing and approval concerning His word? From this point on, every family wish would be to have a son. The world knew the promise; a savior is to be born, whose kingdom will dominate the entire world, an everlasting kingdom without end. This was the pride of the nations, a boy child, born in any house could be the potential savior; therefore, it was a great joy for a woman when she gave birth to a boy child.

But as time went by, men began to turn from God to their human kings, they saw them as saviors, and so countless expectations were placed on these human kings. They were accepted as law, and god among the nations. But knowing the human heart, Satan took advantage, using these human kings he lead the nations astray. The sign of the savor was for him to be born of a virgin, and when He come He will put an end to the kingdom of the enemy, Cain have setup in place of the kingdom of God.

It from this promise men and women began to seek glory; stories would be fabricated, creating festivals honoring earthly kings. Stories of the gods began to immerge. Sons were born to women, who would become great hunters, and based on these performances of men; they would be elected from among the people as potential rulers.

In battles they would perform, and after many human evaluations, their statue would be erected in cities and towns, where they would be worshiped as gods. Here begins the world of idolatry, a great sin before the Lord. Satan at work leading humanity away from the truth, more and more men begin to believe their salvation was through the efforts of human hands. They went off building their city in the land of Shinar.

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Trying to deny the son and savior to come, the throne belonging to him, Satan has throughout the ages been illegitimately placing his seed on the throne, of the world.  Satan is aware of the appointment, the day when Jesus will indeed dethrone his seed and his rule over the kingdom on earth.  Satan is aware the throne is the savior’s, Jesus Christ, the Seed to come.

Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel.

Satan’s first attempt was Cain through whom he destroyed Able, the candidate and choice of God, then Nimrod the king in the land of Shinar. But although these illegitimate kings were placed on the throne of the world, Satan’s attempt to cloud and confuse the world, God was yet in control has He has left for us the record and history of Jesus the Christ.

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