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I am a Christian author, blogger, and ambassador for Christ. My mission is to spread the word of God through media and public engagements along with providing for those in need.

  • The human nature of God

    It is hard for many of us to imagine, but the debate is still going on as we try to understand who Jesus Christ was. While many of us a still trying to answer the question concerning Jesus’ nature, I… Read More ›

  • Symbols of the bible

    Subject: Rock, Stones, Trees, Chaffs “Think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to rise up children unto Abraham.” Matthew 3:9. Rock in this… Read More ›

  • Joseph and Mary

    Joseph was a man of the law and being engaged to Mary he later found out she was with child. In Joseph’s mind she had lay with another man and knowing what the outcome would be he had it in… Read More ›

  • The birth of Jesus Christ

    In fulfillment of his word to bring low the government of the enemy, God came into the world to reclaim his throne through his son Jesus Christ. He had made this promise to Adam after his fall when he declared… Read More ›

  • Jesus the King

    The world has a choice to make, accept Jesus Christ, keep away from corruption; and live up to the standards of the gospel, or reject Jesus and fall in the war he has declared against it on the Day of the Lord. The world is not the place, or planet on which we live, it is the life style we chose that opposes the rule of God. For example: the rules of the Pharisees were against the

  • Iran-US nuclear deal / Chaff in the Wind

    A friend and I were asking the question last week “Why you suppose we need nuclear bombs?” The answer was clear; it is awaiting the Day of the Lord. On that day the Lord will rain down on his enemies hail from the skies, and the one weapon we have capable of creating such an atmospheric change is a nuclear bomb. Just listen to this warning from Isaiah:

  • I Am the Life

    Can we validate this claim made by Jesus Christ? It was a big deal to the people during his life time, they wanted proof he was the Messiah the one promised by God to redeem Israel from the power of… Read More ›