Be Practical Psalm 1:1-2

The world is falling apart around us, but we have a promise from God that will preserve us from the evil that is now present. Satan is leading an army against the word of God in an attempt to destroy his….


Christmas Blessings

So far we have open the gifts, and everyone is happy with what they have received. This year my wife and I created a list from which we bought gifts for each other. It is very hard to purchase items for each… Read More ›

Arnold to the Rescue

So the world did not end today, a sad day for those hiking those mountains around the world, and living in caves waiting for the vortex to burst open. What will they do now? Another disappointment, the world will continue…. Read More ›

$100 in Gifts

Christians for Christ will be giving away free gift this month. from Timhorns Card, $40 toward WindMobile purchases. All you need to do is register and tell us about your experience using these services, and you will be entered to win a free… Read More ›

Symbols of Hell

A brand new book has been release to the public. Your purchased will expand the ministry helping the needy this Christmas season, and many more seasons to come. thank for your support? You may catch a preview by following the link below…. Read More ›