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  • The Mystery of Israel

    There is a famous saying that reads, ” Israel is my first born” Exodus 4:22 and what that means is that Israel is God’s prince on earth. But going a bit deeper we can say that Israel is God’s nation… Read More ›

  • I Am the Life

    Can we validate this claim made by Jesus Christ? It was a big deal to the people during his life time, they wanted proof he was the Messiah the one promised by God to redeem Israel from the power of… Read More ›

  • I Am the Truth

    What was Jesus saying when he made the second statement of his sentence; is it only attributed to his spiritual nature? Although we may see things this way in the realm of Christianity, it is also plausible he is speaking to… Read More ›

  • I am the way

    What did Jesus mean to say when he made the statement “I am the way?” What was he talking about? In Christian circles, we know this to mean He is the only way to the Father. Everything we look at… Read More ›

  • Set thy face against Gog, the land of the anti-Christ

    Hamas branches in Gaza and in Istanbul, Turkey, are seeking to orchestrate terrorist attacks in the West Bank, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Sunday during a tour of the IDF’s Central Command.  Join our network and Read from source..

  • Exceeding the Pharisee

    The plague of the Pharisees is an easy trap to fall into as Christians; if we are not watchful, and the very reason we were told to be careful of their leaven. A little leaven over time can leavened the… Read More ›

  • Back to the Beginning

    After creating the world, and handing over control to mankind, God told us to multiply and fill the earth. The intent was for us to dominate the earth and bring it under our control; an authority we posses based upon… Read More ›