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FMSC Distribution Partner - World Harvest Chri...

FMSC Distribution Partner – World Harvest Christian Ministries – Thanks A Million (Photo credit: Feed My Starving Children (FMSC))

Christians for Christ Social Public Network, is a Christian ministry providing services to the poor and needy, sharing the gospel through blogs, public speaking engagements, and charity. We are a group providing services where needed, partnering with local churches and charity organizations, such as, the Salvation Army and other groups, providing service to local communities across the country.

Our goal is to reach the depressed, those needing mental support, the confused and rejected of society. We provide services that help pays the cost of surgery, for those can’t afford it. We are here to teach and train those desiring to be a part of our group, and becoming good citizens of the kingdom of God, and their country. Thank you for partnering with us, we are excited to meet and chat with you.

Mission statement

Our mission is to lose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free. It is to break every yoke, to deal our bread to the hungry, and to bring the poor that are cast out to our homes? When we see the naked, our mission is to cover him; and not to not hide from our own flesh.


7 replies

  1. This is long overdo, but thank you for following the 4feet2mouths travel & food blog. We appreciate you as a reader!

  2. I read a few of your posts and enjoyed them very much. Really a pleasure to follow you and thank you for liking my posts as well. Peace

  3. There are many honorable faiths and beliefs – may we all work towards a united goal of peace.
    Continued success in your aid mission. Helping one, helps all.

    • Will you join me at http://www.miepost.com/ where I spend a lot more of my time? You have been a great encourager and I would love to have you next door. I will continue to post at this site, but the place where I have been spending a lot more time is at http://www.miepost.com/. Why I have been posting more series topics at that location, the site carries more features, and would love to have you there. God bless and keep you.

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