Jesus the King

We never fail at reading the scripture, but so often we fail to see the depths of it all. Trying to understand who Jesus was and not coming to a sound conclusion we are missing out on a lot. We are failing to see the seriousness of what Jesus is saying and what he will do in the future. In every step of the way Jesus has made it clear to everyone who he was, but on account of those Pharisees doubt was thrown in the mix.

Let us look at the seriousness of Jesus’ mission and the implication of not accepting his offer of peace. Through the eyes of the Church we saw the beautiful child like manner of Jesus Christ, his mercy and his grace, we have also heard of the seriousness of the gospel, but mostly from a spiritual point of view.

Having only a spiritual point of view is an unhealthy view of the scripture, which makes it difficult for us to fulfill our role in the kingdom. It also takes away from us the effectiveness of the gospel and its urgency to cause people to realize the danger they are in. The gospel is not simply about a child born in a barn amongst domestic animals humble and poor, it is rather a message concerning a king who is coming to redeem his people and his kingdom a scene set in a real and physical world. Read on…


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