Humanity and Free will

human dimension

human dimension (Photo credit: ηeliʘ)

The choice to remain in darkness is the will of man. As human beings we have the freewill to direct our lives living the way we wish. The scripture is not against man living his life; it doesn’t force itself on the will of man, but rather speak aloud the truth and the desires of God for humanity. From that point on humanity have the chose whether to trust in the will and desires of God for his life or not, but as God did for the first human on earth so did He for us in our generation. The first human on earth had the opportunity of living in peace; and in the presence of God. The earth was full of glory, evil had no place in it, and man was at rest and peace. God gave humanity the law commanding the first human to obey His instructions, if they were to walk according to His instructions they would live out their lives in prosperity. If they were to; however, leave the path of His will they would be judged and the penalty was death.  Read on…….. from source


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