Only one hour of rain and Toronto is washed out

resize1Only an hour of rain and Toronto is flooded. First it was Calgary and now Toronto; and now we  are asking what’s next? It is however; good to know the rainbow is in the skies a promised made a long time ago.  God told Noah I won’t destroy the world with a flood. But what brought this to mind is the little rain we had and the result is what you now see. This concludes on a great scale what forty days and night of rain can do?

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  1. We had 89mm (3.5in) in 5hrs, and almost that much again in the 2 weeks following (90mm is normal for the whole month of June!). Our garden is now gone, as are several flowers.
    But the farmers are also in trouble.
    It all should remind people, despite human arrogance, that we are very fragile in this world and need a Saviour for eternity!
    Yesterday at work we had torrential rain and my work boots actually filled with rain. I agree, what did those people think as the rain fell for enough time to cover everything…?

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