Stephen Hawking’s Latest Book Converting Lot of Atheists Into Believers — True of false?

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking.

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking’s latest book co-authored with physicist Leonard Mlodinow, is turning a lot of atheists/agnostics into believers, finds KBNN. An Internet based survey conducted by Rbit Analytics, an affiliated body of KBNN, has found that the book has profoundly shaken the disbelief of atheists, and toppled a lot of atheists/agnostics into believing in the God hypothesis.

Atheism was such a simple and elegant concept before Prof. Hawking jumped into the fray, pardon me the somewhat out of place idiom, to explain the non-need for God hypothesis”, says Dan Black, head and co-founder ofBelievers Anonymous, a mutual help group that helps its members out of the addiction of belief.

“It is just confusing a lot of simple minded atheists who were basically looking for a non-explanatory rejection of God. Forcing them to understand all this complex science behind the absence of God makes them want to take the easy way out, and believe instead”

The phenomenon, though, is not limited to simple minded next door atheists, as the polls clearly show. People from all strata of society, including notable thinkers, journalists, even astrophysicists, are turning away from atheism/agnosticism, since the publication of book. If at all, the phenomenon is more noticeable among the scientists and science journalists.

“Science believes in Occam’s razor”, said Dr. Rupert Edwards, president of Association of American Astrophysicists, “and unfortunately, it’s looking like Prof. Hawking’s is putting atheism right where the razor can slash it out of existence. When compared to the simple explanation that religion offers for creation, Prof. Hawking’s version is so complicated and explains laboriously, and as fantastically, what the God hypothesis explained succinctly. Besides, right now, both the hypothesis seem to do equivalently on the requirement of falsifiability. So between the two, I’m not surprised that even scientists are picking up the God hypothesis”  Source link read on….


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