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Still life with Bible, by Vincent Van Gogh

Still life with Bible, by Vincent Van Gogh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life it is a mystery to countless people, filled with despair and sorrow; and no matter the culture we have all in some way, or another experienced its cold reality. Searching for answers many have turned to faith, of which there are many. It is a confusing maze of knowledge, yet to be understood. From culture to culture, we have heard numerous stories, men consoling men unto eternal life. And searching for the answer many have so far fallen asleep, leaving us behind asking the question where are they now.

Some of us have put this mystery and hurt behind us, yet it is never far from the mind, for when we are at rest it creeps in to hunt us pleading for us to answer the question. Many of have so far turned to religion the cause for which many have fallen asleep.

Moreover, out the chaos and war which was the result of religious indifference governments rose, and with failed attempts to subject men to the natural order of life, though they have displayed great power over their subjects, were unable to fan the flames in the hearts of men. What remains is a void, a freight concerning the future of their lives, countless fearing the shadows of death asking the question, what happens after we die.

However, why do we fear death after all we know today? It is a battle over the souls of men, as one group tries to convince the other concerning its reality. Every culture seems to have the answer, the living seems to be experts on the subject, and although we seem educated on the issue there lies within us a deep concern, an uncertainty.
Some believe when we die it will be the end of life as they know it, others believe it is the beginning, but the more we look into the matter, the more confusing it becomes. Although this is the case for many, it does not change the facts, death is sure, and deep within we need an answer that we might rest from our fears.

To understand the mystery surrounding death; however, I believe we should look at the past, the history of man, that we might discover through the eyes of our ancestors, the reason and concerns they left behind for us to ponder. But to begin my research, I will first challenge the scriptures of the Bible, from which I am able to draw a clear understanding of the past.

Bible studies at Capernwray

Bible studies at Capernwray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bible I know is not a popular book in the world, even those who hold to its faith I find are having a hard time holding on to everything it teaches. One group may hold to one point of the scripture, while another may hold to another point. In addition, the effects among those who seem to hold to the same faith, is one that can be felt globally as those in world look on at the confusion among those who are zealous over its reality..
Now we have heard many claims concerning the Bible, and the mentioning of the word Bible have often send people running. Nevertheless, without discovery many have failed to understand that the Bible is a book filled with the message of love and redemption.

Moreover, although the Bible is a book filled with the wonderful truth we need to discover, many have claimed the Bible is not a book worthy of discovery. What they have failed; however, to understand is that the history of the world is written on its pages. However, in the end, what it boils down to is whether we will read to know, and knowing we might find truth.


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