If Jesus is God, how could he die? If Jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today?

His body really did die. The Roman soldiers made sure of that. They were experts at killing people.

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Jesus Christ’s physical body was 100-percent human, not just part human. Our bodies can die, and so could his. When we die, our physical body dies, but our soul and spirit remain. They are eternal; they never die. The same is true of Jesus Christ. His physical body died,
Is Jesus alive today?but his inner self is eternal and did not die.

Yes, he is. Thousands of people saw him alive again. The Bible is very clear; Jesus Christ’s physical body is no longer dead. He is alive today. The Bible records 11 times when people saw him.

How can this be?

Jesus is more than a man. Although he is 100-percent human, he is also 100% God, the Creator of the universe. He is all-powerful. Although evil men killed his physical body, he easily had the power to restore life to his body again.

Copyrighted, God's Story Project.

When his body came alive, he walked out of his tomb, completely healthy and strong.

As you can imagine, when this happened in the darkness, it really frightened the Roman soldiers who were guarding his tomb to keep people away. They were surprised and terrified! It was suddenly very obvious that Jesus was not merely a man. He is God, with power over life and death.

The people of Jerusalem certainly should have known this already. Jesus had proved it many times before. He raised many people from the dead. One was a young girl. Another was a man who had been dead and buried for days.

Here’s something else that is wonderful. Did you know that the moment that Jesus Christ’s physical body died, he brought many dead people to life in the city of Jerusalem? It’s true! The people were alive and healthy again. Many people saw them in the streets and homes of that great city (Matthew 27:52-53), and were so glad to see them again. These were not ghosts (there are no such things). These were living, breathing people, seen by many. They had been dead, some perhaps for years, and now they were alive because of Jesus’ great power![1]

What about your death or the death of someone you love?

Here is a fact that is even more amazing! Everyone who dies and is a true follower of Jesus Christ will experience this same, awesome, life-giving power. Jesus will give them their body back again—alive, heathy and strong—a glorious body. Won’t that be wonderful! Millions and perhaps billions of people will be made alive again. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents—every person that is a true follower of Jesus will be alive again—forever.

For all of us who are Christians, death is not permanent. When our loved ones in Christ die, we can know for certain that we will see them alive again.

You can be one of those people! If you haven’t already done so. Admit that you are a sinner that has broken the Law and deserves punishment and is lost without him. Accept his free gift of salvation and life. Become a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Giver of Life. Source link



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