Rapper Lil Wayne still in danger zone


English: Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne...

English: Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne taken by RJ Shaughnessy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An hour after sending out a text message Lil Wayne went back into a critical state with doctors saying his condition is uncertain. Wayne’s mother is currently on a plan heading to LA that she might be by his side at the hospital, and may be making the decision to take Wayne off life support. For fans around the world, this doesn’t seem good at all. Wayne known for his style of music has made a great impact on the lives of many around the world, but today the impact is some what of a reminder that we are all human.

I am not sure how this will play out, but I hope he will have the chance to recover. Life is short and only God has the power to sustain life, I pray that Wayne will live, and that God will reveal himself to Wayne.

It leads me; however, to ask the question, do we really know the God of the universe, the God who say “no man can come unto the father but by me?” do we really understand that our lives belong to him, and if we fail to surrender our lives to him we are lost forever.

This is surely the time we all should reflect on our mortality, and it is sad to say, but it always come at the expense of others. But as the days goes by we seem to lose that sense of awareness, that our lives are short and fill with trouble, and so we slip back into the dark. It is good to have money, so that we may live the good life, but it is not everything. At some point we will have to leave it all, and it is the reality we should consider.

This event has touched the lives of many around the world, it is a personal one for many, he is family to millions, just like many others who have gone before him. Let us pray that he will make it out, and if not, that he might be given the chance to make peace with God the Father.


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