Morning Prayer # 1

Holy Spirit painting

Holy Spirit painting (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

Our Father who dwells in the heavens, and whose spirit fills the earth, glory and honor to you. Grant me this day your audience, forgive my sins as I forgive those who have sinned against me. Provide all I need today for both body and mind, that I might fulfill your will on earth. I present my being to you, this temple my body that you might live through me your holy life.

Keep me safe from the devices of the enemy, watch over my soul, my house, my son, and my wife. Guard us from the temptations that will be set before us, and give us the strength to overcome the trappings of the enemy. Pour water on our heads, cause our souls to rejoice within us because of your love, and help us to walk in your perfected love.

Help us to understand your grace, cause us to run to you in our times of need, and not to our own strength. Create in us a pure heart, that we forgive our enemies, and not keep within us the thought of vengeance. Vengeance is mine said the Lord; therefore, I leave in your hands the names of my enemies that you might do to them according to your pleasure. As for me, I will serve you, and trusting in your word, I will live before you with all my heart.

Now Lord before the sun comes up, hear my voice and set in motion your promise for my life. Grant me your faithfulness, and hear my cause. There is a common enemy between us, Satan seeking to destroy the work you have started in us, the plan you have for us according to mercy. I know Lord you have saved us, have loved us, and have called us to your service.

In your kingdom to come you have prepared a place for us, and as a result my heart rejoices. I seek this morning your grace and mercy, hear my petition and grant me the desire of my heart according to your promises. Set about me, and my house your protection, an impregnable wall the enemy is unable to pass through or climb.

Bring to my mind always your word, set a defense about me, the company of your angels let them camp around my life and the lives of those in my house. Set them about my wife, and my son, and watch over our efforts and bless us in the way. Punish those who will offend, yet allow us to give you room to judge.

Breathe on me and within me the power of the kingdom, and cause me to exercise the salvation of my God. Let love be the driving force, and let the peace of the Holy Spirit rest on me during the hour of testing and persecution. Open my eyes to recognize the approach of the enemy, and sharpen the sword of my mouth against his army.

As you have declared to me so may I live before you, a son of the living God. I today my God and Father call on your name to send in my presence the camp of heaven, that they may abide with me in company, that they may watch over me, and my house, the house of my friends, and the people of your kingdom.

Bring healing to our homes, turn our hearts toward heaven, and your name, which is great, even now let your spirit rest on your people, and may the power of the kingdom rest on us, in the name of Jesus I pray let it be done.

Amen, for those who call on your name according to your promise, I pray that you will hear their call and defend them against the approach of the enemy. Turn their homes into the dwelling place of heaven, bring healing to their steps, and forgive their sins. Strengthen them in your love, show them your great mercy and let us untie in your name father.

I pray for my partners; and those far off, and for those of your people who will fall asleep today. Let peace be their lot, let the mercy of God be their guide, and keep them safe in the valley and shadows, and from all evil. As we pass through this day together, I pray your people will once again begin to pray, lifting each other up in your mighty name.

Lord may we be one in word and deed, as you are one with the Son, and with the Spirit,; therefore, abide in us, and we in you, and grant us our desires and our petitions in prayer. Amen.

To follow our prayers and to contribute to pray for each other, visit us and join me and become a contributor, let us untie under one place and pray showing our commitment to each other. I believe this would be a great way to keep each other accountable and to encourage each other. Let us take time to pray with each other, let us build this network of prayer.  Study with me and pray with me. God bless.


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