Will Obama push us over the edge?

Obama_Cala(1)Obama thinks he has a mandate for change. But this is the man who ran for  president in 2008 promising to “cut net spending” and to shrink the federal  government; a man who promised that his “stimulus” spending was only  temporary.

Obama hid regulations from view until after his reelection. The press  maintained the fiction that Obama supports the Second Amendment and is no threat  to citizens’ keeping guns for self-defense. Yet the day after his reelection,  Obama called for the UN Arms Trade Treaty negotiations to be started again, and  a few weeks later he promised to put the full force of the federal government  behind a push for massive new gun control.

Even on taxes, Obama’s post-election demands contradicted the positions on  which he campaigned. Sure he promised higher taxes on “the rich.” But during the  campaign he said that he wanted $800 billion from them. As soon as Republican  speaker of the House, John Boehner, agreed to raise that amount by eliminating  various credits and deductions for high-income taxpayers, Obama announced that  he really wanted twice that amount.

Does a candidate who won re-election with just less than 51 percent of the  vote and who has adopted a second-term agenda that he never talked about during  the campaign really have a “mandate”? Hardly. Certainly not a mandate for the  radical changes that he has in store for Americans. Indeed, the Republican  members of Congress have a mandate to stop him.

There is a growing awareness in the United States of the mounting debt  problem, and opinion polls show increasing acceptance of budget cuts. But a  Barack Obama who will never face the voters again doesn’t have to worry about  public opinion. He wants to raise taxes to redistribute wealth, not to reduce  the deficit. As investments that would have come to the United States are  diverted to other countries, federal revenue will fall short of Obama’s  optimistic estimates. The nation’s metastasizing debt will overwhelm the small  increases in incomes.  by John Lott

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  1. Yes he will push us over the edge, he is not in it for the interest of the American people. The man is a Muslim, and one thing he will do before he goes is spend everything we have unwisely. When it is over and done, he will leave us undefended and unarmed. Remember Germany how they took the guns away and leave the people defenseless. And tell me, what right has the UN in making legal changes in America.

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