Is Obama a Spy working for Islam – He is Obama?

Obama_Cala(1)Obama knows when his term is up, and that is if we allow him to finish his term; he will be the most disliked president of all time in America. Hiding under the cover of Bush and the state of the economy handed to him by the Bush administration; he has done some good damage.

Even a fool knows that if people do not have the money to pay their bill, do not lend more money to that individual, but Barack Obama do not think so, his plan was to bail everybody out. Well, he spends the money bailing out his rich friends, yet the talk is that the republicans are protecting the rich.

Rather than saving what he spent to bail everyone out, Obama used it all, and now he wants to blame the republicans for a bill he signed into law for these automatic cuts. “If these cuts go through many service men and women will lose their jobs,” said Obama. In my view that was a direct threat to Americans to leave, our country undefended.

You know what this Muslim president will do once he leaves office, and sorry, for not being politically correct, I do not care much for political correctness, “he will move out of the country to be with his Muslim brothers” In my opinion.

And with that said, what are we waiting for America, let us impeach this president and send him running. The man is a Muslim and a part of their religious duty is to lie even if it fulfills the means and they will get a reward from Allah. If the country goes broke let it go broke by an American not and enemy working from the inside.

Secret thought –In some secret way, I believe Obama is a spy for the Muslim world and it would be the greatest embarrassment if it was to turn out to be true.


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