The gays of the world


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Psalms 9:16-17 The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

We are so concerned about the gays of this world, so much so we are now voting to give them equal status in marriage. I would like to know at what point gays lost the right of equal status in the world. It seems to me it was when they came out to announce they are openly gay, and it was at that point they lost equal status according to the news report. But are they not equal, as they are allowed to work, and do those things we are allowed to do. Clearly the problem is not with equal rights, it is about acceptance.

Having their conscience working against them, they are crying out for acceptance, the cause of their movement. Now forcing the hand of the law and those in power, they are gaining ground.  As an advocate against  gay marriage, I say, give them the ground they seek and the leeway they need, but let them not forget we are a part of this world with the right to say what we wish acting in the code of moral law supporting our views.

I do not hate gays; to the contrary, I welcome gays to sit and eat with me, but to tell me I must accept their way of life is a violation against my moral conduct and code of ethics. What I am saying here is that if pastors choose not to take part in honoring two gays asking to be married, he is not to be forced to do so. To force or threaten a pastor or any religious group to do things against their moral ethics is a violation of their rights as citizens.

I know this is nothing new, and people will try to tell me  I am wrong for speaking my mind, but to those opposing my views, I have one thing to say, “Say what you must; however, it is my right to speak” your views are only opinions and opinions are not truth”. My right is to speak up for those unable to do so. I can see the coming future, the riots, the fighting, and the increasing crime rate. Men will take to the streets in pleasure of stealing and destroying one another based on the direction of the law and the shift in our Society.

There are many around the world preparing for this day, the day when the full measure of change comes to those asking for it, only to rebel against it later.  Everyone cannot have what they want, in the end what we are doing is creating a system where everyone’s idea of morality is right. The product of that is civil war. Just wait until the food stamp runs out.

300px-Queen_of_the_Night_(Babylon)Mr. President you will be known as the one who destroyed America with your foolish endorsements and secret bills. In addition, I pray that America will pay for what they have done to the unborn; therefore, Father and God grant America the penalty of Judgment, and may you grant the people and those who have endorsed evil what they deserve. It is wrong to approach another man to sleep with him, and to call it upright. It is evil, it is immoral, it is degrading to society, and the end of a country’s glory.

O Lord, remove your arm of protection from a nation who has turned their backs on you. leave their borders unsecure, let their enemies over run the nation. Allow them to come in and destroy with destruction, take down the great eagle, put an end to their boasting. Let the people who once speak proudly now turn against their country, feed them with the confusion they cry out for. Lord leave them to themselves, they have rejected your moral law. Then Lord turn your hand against the proud enemy who boast in their power against America.

Psalms 9:16-17 The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


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  1. While I can’t say I agree with everything you write here, I will affirm that forced acceptance of another’s system(s) is morally an abuse of power. Respect of the differences also exists in my morality. I guess I also feel I can judge the moral behaviour of another believer, but of a non-believer the issue is a more eternal question, if I am saying that rightly.

    • You are correct the issue is two parts, one of eternal consequences, that is up to the individual, the other is moral conduct regardless of faith. God in the view of history re-acts equally to both believers or non- believers.

      In God’s court if a believer wrongs a non-believer God’s favor would fall to the non-believer. This has always been the case, but when people begin to corrupt morally changing the law on a supreme level then it becomes a national issue and a moral issue, and as supporters of such national behavior the judgment falls on all.

      The issue of rights to same sex marriage is not a issue of the courts nor and issue to cause change in the law, it is a matter of individuality. If a man chose to be gay, let him, don’t stone him, but let him know you are not a supporter.

      If a man chose not to be a part of such group he has options, but the law should remain set that it supports marriage between a man and a woman. I guess we should also change the law to make prostitution legal, a practice we view as immoral and degrading.
      What would happen if that was to be, then our disobedient daughters and sons would jump to that sort of life style to make a living. What kind of a country would we be.

      Just an example.

      Canada has made prostitution legal in some parts and taxing the income.

      • Yes, it was simpler when Canada (19th century) and the US (founded in God) followed a spiritual base to their politics. Now those governments are part of the undermining (or attacks on) Christian spirituality. As you write, the point is we have to obey Jesus and make disciples, confidently in Godly love.

        • Yes, both countries were founded on Godly morals and laws. everyone was given equal rights, justice was served, and the countries grew.

          It didn’t matter whether you were a believer or not all that maters was that we follow a set of guide lines. At least everyone had a chance to hear truth, and obey Jesus, but today no one wish to hear as if it is a crime to speak and listen.

          The problem is we are so far removed from God it is almost impossible to bring people back from the brink. For instance, a friend of mine told of a problem he was having, he wanted to cheat on his wife. I asked him is she a good woman to you, he answered yes. I asked why would you want to cheat on your wife who is good to you.

          His reply, he wanted something new, he was looking for new experience. He now avoids me whenever he can, but if were to return to these ways of dealing with issues in society we would see better results, but when people we know don not wish to hear the truth that would help them make proper choices.

          But today we have the offense train passing through so to give honest feedback people will become your enemy. The name of the game these days to cry offense.

          God is an offense to everyone it seems these days. You are right founded of Godly morals that brought us success and growth, and now we throw it all behind us. No wonder we are in the mess we are today.

          If God was apart of our government maybe we would have managed our finances better? We need to make disciples as you mentioned.

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