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Christian Lecerf et Sylvain Engelhard

Christian Lecerf et Sylvain Engelhard (Photo credit: zigazou76)

So often, we come across those who claim there is no God, and we know, as Christians, it is often difficult to get the message through to them. Even when we are not directing our message at their crowd, it is very easy to invite the insults.

They thrive on insulting and hurting people of faith, and “it is time we hit back”, said one Christian. The Bible said we are to be meek and humble, but what does it really means. Does it mean we are to let the world walk all over us or does it mean to never stray from the path of God’s word.

In scripture, the word meek and humble has always been taken out of context, and most believe, to be meek is to allow people to step over us, when in fact to be meek is to  recognize the truth and take hold of it. Insults will come from the world, but we are to respond, and not with hate, but with love, and love does not always mean to spare ones feelings, but to declare truth with all that it comes with.

Paul, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He takes’ the wise in their own craftiness”. Too often we give these atheists the upper hand, and all because we want to play nice. But here is my take, hit back with the gospel, and let it fall where it may. After all, we know what is true and right, so let us speak up and defend the gospel. We are the fanatics of Christ.

What happen when we play nice, we become weak, allowing everything evil to run the world, the schools, the church and every major institution in the world. Then we cry and protest. When we speak out on issues damaging to the public, standing up for the moral laws of God, we are insulted, which comes with the territory of the gospel. And often we shy away from speaking as a result. When our brothers go out to speak up against the world, we stand by and watch him put to death, but if we were to stand in action, in word we would see better results.

My approach is not to sit down, but to be bold in the face of insults, a matter a fact, I invite them and I hope you do too. When we as Christians become accustom to insults, and not afraid of speaking regardless, we will become a force that the world will have to look at and fear, because we are not afraid to die for what we believe, we will defend with our blood the gospel. Is not heaven our true home, and the earth our dwelling upon the return of Christ. So what value is there for us here, why are we trying to win the approval of the world, media, and those around us.  In the next 80 years you and I will not be here, if you are over 30 years of age you have but a short span of life left and those you see today will be gone in just 80 or less years. man is like the wind that comes and go, but we are here on account of eternity and the promise of Christ to come.

Stand up and fight.


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  1. Thank you for following my Blog. I agree with your sentiment that everyone should stand up for his or her beliefs – no one should simply allow people to walk over them.

    • Thank you for standing with me and may God bless and keep you, and grant you your desires.

    • Will you join me at where I spend a lot more of my time? You have been a great encourager and I would love to have you next door. I will continue to post at this site, but the place where I have been spending a lot more time is at Why I have been posting more series topics at that location, the site carries more features, and would love to have you there. God bless and keep you.

  2. The issue is “cowardice“. Neo-atheists share that flaw with closet Christians. Dialogue with atheists used to be interesting. Now they do not debate or dialogue. Philosophy, logic, science, morality are shunned. Neo-atheist heroes like Richard Dawkins simply shovel contempt. Too bad they are so afraid of the facts they avoid social decency. However, Christians can also be socially inept and crude, so some courtesy won`t go amiss in any camp.
    Stand tall.

    • Amen to that, I find even among Christians we are not living that truth. I have tried so many times to get people together to do small projects in the communities around them and they find it hard. Everyone seems to have some sort of doubtful comment. A common comment is, ” we should be wise” and while agree they never do anything. There wise is to do nothing, but go to church and go home and no one know who they are.

  3. I’m actually not interested in insulting your beliefs. Your writing skills are terrible, I think we should focus on that.

    • That is the next problem, always looking for something to bring down those trying to bring their point across. Shallow minded. I was once in a meeting and the manager of the company was speaking, he said one thing out of context and the supervisor laughs saying after the conversation, “I heard nothing you said after you messed up that line”. He just could not see pass that one mistake, so that he might get the message, the manager looked at him, and he lost credibility from that point.
      People who look for faults can never see the point, which is a big setback for many. I have been around many to know when someone is trying to intelligently insult.
      Why speak about my writing unless you are looking for a laugh. Besides that, I do not care, I have written papers before that are well received in my circle of work and I make out good over the last six years in my job. So I know who I am and my capabilities. Thank you.

  4. “awaiting moderation.” SO BRAVE.

  5. Wow, you christians are just so oppressed by my act of not obeying you. I feel very sorry for my horrible oppressive lack of submission. You must be so afraid to speak out, with your twelve TV stations, endless radio broadcasts, whole bookstores, entire publishing industry, parallel universe of “safe” popular music, and vast control over wide swaths of the world. You are SO BRAVE for saying this out loud.

    • No the Churches are not performing, a bunch of talks but no action. Test them, push and see how many who jump and shout would go into hiding. That’s why I am speaking out.

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