The Beginning Part 2

The Fall of Man

The Fall of Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1.

Do you believe in God or do you not believe there is a God; if your answer is no to the question this adventure will be one you may not wish to take, for you it will be a trip filled with foolish arguments, a tour to learn more about what I have to say, rather than being open; however, to those who believe in God it is a ride to experience the wonderful trusts concerning what had taken place in our distant past. For me it is an adventure of what was and what is to be, because for me it has laid to rest the fears of death filling my soul with joy.

Faith in God is where the human drama begins according to the Bible, whether we believe it or not, all the Bible has so far reported seem to fit well with our distant past, and if fits so well there is a great chance it will fulfill the future of our lives. If what it said is true then there is a lot to fear among those who do not believe; for it speaks of a time in the future when God will one day judge the world.    $100 gift card

According to the Bible it was God who had created the known world, and not without purpose. The world created by the hand of God is a world revealing His personality and nature; and from what we have seen according to the story, God is indeed a good and caring God. After the fall of man a later venture for us in this story, He had not abandon His creation, but out of His loving nature made provision to redeem the earth sending His son to be the redeeming lamb through which we may recover from death.

Each day created was to the pleasure of God, He spoke the command; His angels went forth and out came the fruits of His hand. God saw the works of His spoken word and being filled with joy rejoiced over the day blessing the works of His hands He declares, “It was good” How can we deny this reality, indeed the world in which we live is good, some may disagree often claiming this life is hell on earth. The troubles we face today according to the Bible are just; they are issues we will have to face to the effect of Adam.

But there are days when we are at rest though surrounded by evil enjoying the fruits of the land, those times with friends at party events or even being among family. In those moments the days are as heaven, there is no doubt in our minds if life could remain in such state it would be good enough for us to call this planet heaven. But the reality is before us; each day has its ending and tomorrow is what we fear. What will become of tomorrow, will we ever have days as these again? These are but some of the questions we ask as we go through life. Yet though we are troubled there is hope as a still voice beckoned us to turn to His mercies. Get your $100 gift card today

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